Music Streaming Services

How can you stream music for free when being in a traffic or waiting for your turn in a department store? What exactly do you need to keep streaming your favorite songs on the go?

Music Streaming Services

Online Services

Luckily, today customers have a really good choice when it comes to listening to music online absolutely for free. Now you can listen to any artist and song anytime you want on a countless amount of music streaming services and platforms. A strong competition among different music apps and services influences music industry and consumer spendings in general. In this article we’re going to present 5 popular music streaming services, you need to get connected to as soon as possible.

Top 5 Music Streaming Services

The one criteria which customers are looking for in streaming services is enough amount of music for a reasonable price. That is the main factor we were guided by when making our list of top 5 streaming services so far.

  • Spotify Spotify. This music service is probably the one that has set the tone of how a successful and qualitative music streaming service has to work in general. Its audience is literally huge – over 135 million total users. The service provides access to 29+ million songs and asks 9.99$ per month with ad-free, skipping, and downloading options for any user. 
  • Apple Music Apple Music. The audience of Apple Music is defined by the devices the customers use, which influences the general numbers. They are much lower than the Spotify has, but the numbers are still pretty high – 28+ million users. The crucial thing here is not how big the audience is but how big the music library is. Here Apple Music definitely wins. It has 40+million songs. And the users can integrate their own music libraries making the program more customized and personalized.
  • Pandora Pandora was one of the first streaming services on the music market. The service is absolutely for free, but you have to listen to ads additionally to your playlist. For skipping the ads you have to pay for a premium version. Probably, a lot of ads is the only problem of Pandora.
  • Tidal Tidal is one of those services which is slowly increasing the audience. For now, it has 3+ million users and 45+ million songs along with 150.000+ music videos. The price is the same the previous services have – 9.99$ per month.
  • Amazon Music Amazon Music. 15+ million users and 40+ million songs. The prices are divided into prime and non-prime with 7.99$ and 9.99$ per month respectively. Prime members can get some part of a music library for free.

There are so many more music streaming services on the market these days. So, you definitely have a good variety to choose from. But the 5 services mentioned above are considered to be the best ones from the point of view of the true music lovers and simple Internet users.

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